Updated February 2021

Maryanne Murphy is a top-notch practitioner who combines the compassionate listening skills of an old school diagnostician with the methodological thoroughness and rigor worthy of a scientist. She has been my doctor for over twenty years. I was lucky to have found her.

She made a lasting impression on me when I was a student in Boston, among thousands under her indirect care. As Associate Medical Director of College Health for Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, she noticed a low red cell blood count on a routine test and personally followed up to make sure that all was well. When she moved into private practice, I immediately signed on as a patient.

Carol S



Dr. Maryann Murphy is the type of doctor that everyone deserves. Having grown accustomed to my own increasing frustration during endless waiting room delays for a 10 minute appointment with previous practitioners, I became convinced that medicine was completely devoid of empathy; it felt robotic. Still, I never thought I needed a concierge doctor, until I encountered a debilitating and difficult-to-diagnose physical issue, which awakened me to the notion that my health is, in fact, the most important factor in actually living. Enter Dr. Murphy. I remember leaving my first appointment with her feeling immense relief, recognizing that I'd found a doctor who would not simply relearn my name on the day of my yearly physical, but someone who would actually take the time to get to--no, want to--know me. The experience of that day 4 years ago has been validated each and every time I have visited Dr. Murphy in person, received a text or call back from her on a weekend or late at night, had her follow up on a specialist appointment, or had her respond warmly to a question about a symptom. Dr. Murphy is, of course, smart and exceptionally well-educated; she has her fingers on the pulse of cutting-edge research, and she is incredibly well-connected and deeply respected in the Boston medical scene. Beyond that, though, she is a partner in my health, an advocate; she is compassionate beyond measure; she listens intently and responds in a thoughtful and informed manner; she perceives the pieces of the human body as interconnected and holistic; she takes a genuine interest in my life, my history, and my health. And, above all, her actions and her expertise assure me that I am getting the best medical care possible. I'm not sure I could ask for a whole lot more than that. 

Sarah L

Weston, MA



Dr. Maryann Murphy at Weston Primary Care has been my primary care physician for a couple of years now and I could not be happier.

The office staff is excellent and efficient and wait times have been very short for all of my appointments, making this practice totally unlike all of my previous experiences with other doctors. Dr. Murphy herself has an excellent bedside manner, is very thorough, explains things very clearly, presents treatment options and makes recommendations without being pushy, which I really appreciate. I think she is terrific overall and I recommend her very highly.

John A
Weston, MA



In the fall of 2012, Dr. Timothy Murphy saved my life.  As a 29 year old, father of two, I had been fighting very strange symptoms for approximately nine months- symptoms that my primary care at that time, chalked up to depression or seasonal allergies. As my symptoms intensified, a friend of mine suggested something called a ‘Concierge Primary Care Physician’ which I had not heard of before. 

I am so thankful that they did, and that they recommended Dr. Murphy. Right away, I could tell he was compassionate, caring, and had a great sense of humor.  I saw him on a Monday, in the fall of 2012, and he listened to my symptoms very closely.  He had the wherewithal to order a brain scan (which despite many cognitive symptoms- no other doctors of mine had thought to do). He was able to get me in for a MRI within 36 hours of my first meeting with him, and by the end of that week I finally had some answers... I had a brain tumor.  Unfortunately, my situation intensified and I ended up needing multiple brain surgeries, but I am happy to say Dr. Murphy was with me every step of the way.  He was in constant contact with my wife and my family during my stay at the hospital, and even drove into the city to visit me while I was there. I can honestly say that Dr. Murphy saved my life and I will forever be thankful for him and his services. I cringe to think about what could have happened had I never found someone who took my symptoms seriously, and who had the courage to think outside the box and get me the treatment I needed. 

It has been a long and difficult recovery, but Dr. Murphy has been there every step of the way. Now, almost 3 years post-surgery I am happy to say I am back at work full time and an engaged father of 3 kids now. I am so grateful to have met Dr. Murphy - I truly owe my life to him. 

Greg C.

Framingham, MA


I met Dr. saul Cohen in September, 1999. In 2000, he became my physician. Since then, I've had the priviledge of having both a physician and a friend. My profession demands constant travel, often in hostile environments such as extreme heat or cold, and Dr. Cohen has advised me on a range of topics from immunization schedules to diet and water intake when on the road.

More than that, he replies immediately to any concern that might occasionally crop up while away. Besides being an empathetic listener, Dr. Cohen will often ask questions that a patient might neglect to ask [share], and that is a quality that I admire and depend upon. In short, having Dr. Cohen in my coner has helped me become a healthier and therefore happier person. I'm extremely grateful to him for that.

Lorne M. -Patient from Cambridge and Texas


"The first word that comes to my mind when I think of Dr. Timothy Murphy is Life-Saver. I sincerely feel that I would not be here to write this today if I was not in the capable hands of Dr. Murphy." More...

Maureen Stout, Health Insurance Employee

"Of course, Dr. Murphy is extremely knowledgeable - but I expect that of any physician. What separates him from others - and what I appreciate most about him - is his ability to communicate in a way that is down to earth, yet provides me with a real understanding of my ailment or physical condition. He follows that up with candid direction on what I need to do to get better and stay healthy, and does it in a manner that actually motivates me to take his advice. I certainly recommend him without reservation"

William K. Senior Vice President

What is the price of having a great doctor?  What is the price we have for not having a great doctor?  We feel very lucky to have discovered Dr. Saul Cohen over 22 years ago when we moved from Connecticut to Boston.

Yes, we discovered him after we  “interviewed” five other doctors.  That's correct, we interviewed physicians.  Most of us spend a lot of time shopping for clothes, cars and homes, yet we often have physicians through means other than our own research.

We wanted a diagnostician! We wanted some we could develop a relationship with and someone who knew medicine and willing to take the time to listen and then to treat, where necessary.  We found that special medical expert in Saul Cohen/

He has moved and we moved with him.  We have had some medical questions, true to his nature, he has studied, ordered tests when appropriate and made perfect recommendations.  The concierge concept of medicine was something we had only read about, however, other should give it serious consideration.  The hallmarks are: a very high level of personal attention, state of the art follow up,  and a knowledgeable team to address your needs.  

We are very fortunate, number one, to have such a long-term relationship with Saul Cohen. More importantly, however, is the number two reason we are here and that is that he is simply a great physician. We are grateful to be called his patients.

Marion and Winlow H, Natick residents

Dr. Cohen has been my primary care physician for over 20 years.  Over all these years, I developed the utmost trust in his medical judgment and guidance.  He truly listens and leaves no stones unturned as he evaluates a patient.   Since he personally knows top specialists within all the disciplines,  his referrals always got me in to see the right doctor without waiting for weeks for an appointment.

As I was diagnosed two years ago with a particularly nasty type of cancer, he coached me and encouraged me all along through my surgery, my treatments, and my recovery.  Early detection, world-class care, and solid emotional support are the reasons why I am now cancer-free.

As soon as Dr. Cohen adopted the concept of concierge medicine, I enlisted immediately.  I have been very impressed with the degree of responsiveness, the breadth of services, and the personal touch that all came with this exclusive level of medical care.  I never hesitate to text or call Dr. Cohen for any medical concern that may arise and he responds within hours if not minutes.  I can always get an appointment for the next day or even sometimes on the same day.  More importantly, Dr. Cohen's professionalism, extensive experience, listening skills, empathy and charisma combine together so that I could not recommend him more highly.

John B. Wellesley resident

"Dr. Murphy has been my primary care physician for over ten years and now that my son is in college he is also a patient of Dr Murphy. During this time Dr, Murphy has demonstrated the important qualities such as practicing the highest quality of medicine, a fine bedside manner, compassion and concern. Beyond the yearly physical, he has been instrumental in providing me with a health care strategy designed to protect my health and wellness. Thank you Dr. Murphy!"

CB, Weston resident

 "Dr. Timothy Murphy is my personal physician. He is proactive and professional and provides the information I need for my preventative health care.

In addition, he was extremely helpful when a serious blood clot problem required more than the standard treatment. He quickly diagnosed the problem and got me the care I needed. He provided me with followup care and the advice I needed to better recognize and handle this type of problem in the future.

I highly recommend Tim and his staff. They are professional, friendly and flexible in their hours. This is especially important to busy executives like myself with schedules that change often and on short notice."

Ken W, Chief Operating Officer

"Dr. Timothy Murphy is an exemplary physician with excellent leadership skills. He served as the Medical Director for the Sinai/Waltham satellite based at Waltham Hospital and was highly regarded by his peers. Patients admitted to the unit received compassionate and highly skilled care by Dr. Murphy. I can enthusiastically recommend him as a physician and leader."

Lawrence S. Hotes, MD, Chief Medical Officer, New England Sinai Hospital

“Dr. Murphy has been my primary care doctor since 2008 and I recommend him to the fullest extent possible.

He is a straight-talking, brilliant physician and he has made a positive difference my life. I have been enrolled in Dr. Murphy's version of concierge medicine and it has been a fantastic experience. As someone who puts his own personal health issues last on the long list of things to do, Dr. Murphy works to prioritize my personal health goals so I will be able to enjoy my family and friends for as long as possible.

As a patient, you can tell Dr. Murphy the issues that are troubling you, and he combines energy and acumen to help you get the most out of life. He is threatening and non-threatening at the same time; enough information to get a patient to change their behavior if it is needed but also a caring human being that is capable of listening!

I am more than happy to provide personal experiences to those that are looking for the best medicine can offer, please contact me through Linkedin if you have questions.”

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity

Scott H,  Weston


Dr. Timothy Murphy has been in Weston for several years now, and I wish I had known about him sooner! He is by far the best doctor that I have ever had, and I hold him in the highest regard. I have several complicated medical problems and need a doctor who is interested in knowing me as a person and committed to remaining on top of my conditions and my progress. Dr. Murphy is that doctor. He is thorough--he asks questions and really listens to and analyzes the answers; he is experienced and incredibly knowledgeable--he explains what's going on in the body when he is describing an illness or condition and is excellent (and very patient!) about answering questions; his bedside manner is lovely--he is one of the kindest people I have ever met, and he truly, truly cares about his patients, often checking in after appointments to make sure that all is going well. His staff is also wonderful. They work hard to accommodate same day appointments and are always pleasant and helpful. I could not ask for a better physician or practice, and I would recommend Dr. Murphy and his office to anyone and everyone without hesitation. He is simply the best.

Weston Resident


I recently changed from my primary care physician who was in a large practice, to Dr. Timothy Murphy. I was recommended to him by one of his patients, and I am so glad I made the move. The patient wait time is very short--waiting room and exam room. At my first patient visit, I explained to him a chronic condition I have--no other doctor has ever been able to tell me, or explain to me, why I may have this unusual condition and what to do about it. I have never received a diagnosis. Dr. Murphy listened to what I had to say, and started by ordering the appropriate labs. He called me with my lab results, explained to me what they meant, and set a concrete plan of action for this chronic condition, and referred me to the appropriate specialists. I have finally found a doctor who cares enough to follow through and find the answer, instead of throwing up his hands, like all the other physicians I have seen through the years! He explained to me the steps we will take to find an answer to this puzzle. He has an excellent bedside manner, and I have always found him and his staff to be very accessible and professional. I highly recommend him.

Weston Resident