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He became my Primary Care Physician 5 years ago upon the retirement of my former PCP, Dr. Adrian Blake, who had been my doctor for better than 30 years. Dr. Blake felt that I would fare well under the care of Dr. Murphy, and that Dr. Murphy’s style of patient care was as close to his as I would find. He was young and I was not sure he would be able to understand my health issues and medical complaints. It was with some skepticism and reservation that I decided to sign on with Dr. Murphy as my new Primary Care doctor.

Boy, was I wrong! The first time I met with Dr. Murphy I felt completely at ease and I knew I was with the right doctor. He totally understood my feelings and showed his compassion and ability as a professional. Both my husband and myself knew we had found a great match. When Dr. Murphy moved from Waltham to Dedham we did not have any reservations following him to his new practice, although it was not close to home.

I was diagnosed with breast cancer three years ago. I was originally treated at a small, local community hospital close to my home. I soon realized that the hospital was not a good match for the severity of my cancer. Dr. Murphy was not only compassionate and a wonderful listener, he was insistent that this cancer needed to be treated at a facility that specialized in my illness and immediately provided me with the name of a surgeon who was an expert in this field.

Dr. Murphy kept close tabs on me throughout my treatment and was always there to give me a hug or lend me his shoulder to cry on. It took better than a year to complete my treatment and I can say because of Dr. Murphy and the wonderful specialists I saw during that time, at this time, I am cancer free.

He not only treats the condition but also he is concerned for my overall health. He is pro-active with testing of conditions which may crop up. I once questioned whether I was seeing him too often for other problems. His response was “I deal with all sorts of medical problems from cancer to removal of splinters because that is what I do”. I understood – it’s his compassion with a gentle firmness that makes him who he is.

I was elated when he moved to his new practice in Weston. His office staff is so capable, warm and friendly, it’s as if I am meeting with friends when I have an appointment, I never feel like Dr. Murphy is rushing, it’s like I’m his only patient.

As I said in the beginning, Life-Saver, that, and all he is makes him what I look for in a doctor."

Maureen Stout