Dr.Timothy Murphy is the owner of Weston Primary Care, which he started in 2007.

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Dr Saul Cohen joined Weston Primary Care as a concierge physician in March 2014.
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Contact Us

Timothy P. Murphy, MD
Saul Cohen, MD
Christine Chang, MD

56 Colpitts Rd, Weston MA
P: 781-891-0906
F: 781-891-0912

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Dr Murphy, Dr. Cohen and Dr. Chang refer to Newton-Wellelsley Hospital and MGH primarily.

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Dr Timothy Murphy speaks about Weston Primary Care

Why do our patients value concierge medicine? When you need your physician..

Could you...

  • email them...
  • call them on their cell or at their home...
  • see them that day or the next...
  • even if it was the weekend or the middle of the night?

Our Concierge Patients Receive all These Conveniences and More...

Is Your Physician...

  • experienced with treating complex medical problems.
  • thorough and prudent
  • a good teacher
  • good with both young and old patients
  • a leader
  • open to questions and alternative ideas

If You Said "No" to Most of These Questions, Then Perhaps You Should Consider Weston Primary Care!




*Important Notice*

This practice charges yearly fees for conveniences not covered by your insurance company that enhance your relationship with your physician.

Client Testimonial

Patient speaks about her experience with Dr. Timothy Murphy

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